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A Scottish Visual Artist, currently residing in Glasgow, completing a BA (Hons) of Fine Art, majoring in Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art.

I always want to take pictures of this place…

I’ve been in Albuquerque for a couple of months now and I’m fascinated with the drive thru culture, so naturally, I want to make a body of work based on it. These are just journal images and aren’t a representation of how I want this body of work to look like. I’m also thinking of returning to film for this project and make prints once I return to Scotland and start my second term at GSA. 

When I first arrived here, I was taken to a Starbucks drive thru, which really baffled me. Then the other day, I was taken to a baskin robbins drive thru - A DRIVE THRU FOR ICE CREAM?! 

metropolitanline asked: Hi, tumblr recommended your blog to me and I saw your Albuquerque pieces and I love them. I'm a student at UNM and I think they really capture the essence of this city so, thank you :)

Thank you for the nice comment!! I really like it here. I’m sad I’m only here for one semester! It’s such a nice place!